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Castlecomer Community School – Exceptional Results

The Class of 2018

There were scenes of unbridled joy in the front foyer of Castlecomer Community School as our 84 Leaving Certificate students received their results. After months of anticipation, the relief and sheer joy of receiving exceptional results lit up the building.  And what a set of results they were!  Two students received over 600 points, 15% received over 500 points.  The class of 2018 were well pleased and satisfied that their dedicated study had yielded their just reward.  Castlecomer Community School has consistently provided 80 – 90% of their students to progress to third level degree courses across the country.  This trend looks set to continue into the future.  The class of 2018 can look forward to next Monday for their CAO offers and most students expect to get their first choice.  The results in honours Maths and Applied Maths were particularly strong.  A small number of our students have secured apprenticeships and this area provides a great opportunity for our students.  Our LCA students can be proud of their achievements as they all received merits and distinctions in their final exam.  Castlecomer Community School can be proud of this year’s Leaving Certificate students and it is worth noting that as the only Community School in County Kilkenny, Castlecomer Community School has the widest range of subjects in the Kilkenny area.  Well done to the dedicated staff who also worked extremely hard in order for their students to achieve these outstanding results.

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Wellread Programme


We are delighted to announce that we have received the "wellread" award, an initiative designed and organised by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). It aims to create heightened awareness about the importance of creating a culture of reading in school communities for our young people as part of their personal and academic development. The school community is now recognised nationally as a school that promotes and encourages a culture of reading.

You can read more about the award on the PDST website by clicking here, and you can find out more about our school initiatives under the "extra-curricular" tab above.



Educational News

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